We are currently recruiting for a research programmer position. A Description of the position is below. Prospective students, post-docs, and research programmers with an interest in combining satellite imagery and high performance computing should contact ICEBERG PI Heather Lynch (heather.lynch@stonybrook.edu) for more information.

Rutgers University

ICEBERG is a bold new project that will radically enhance high-performance computing and imagery enabled polar science.  ICEBERG aims to create the middleware and building blocks to support high-resolution imagery on high-performance platforms, including NSF XSEDE and diverse cloud platforms.

The applicant will function as the senior research programmer for the ICEBERG project, and will be responsible for designing, prototyping and delivering production grade cyberinfrastructure for polar imagery processing workflows in high-performance and distributed computing. This includes developing libraries and building blocks for workflows.  The applicant will also be responsible for the successful integration with Polar science applications, and will require, collaboration with a junior research programmer, domain scientists and graduate students.  

Experience with high-performance distributed computing and software engineering is necessary. Knowledge of Image analysis, GIS and Remote Sensing concepts is helpful, but not mandatory.

Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Must be independent and motivated to excel. Will be expected to deliver code, write papers and deliver talks. The applicant will be expected to travel to professional meetings and collaborators.

The applicant will be familiar with modern software engineering methodology, high-performance computing, python and scientific computing. Will have either a MS in Computer Science/Engineering with 3+ years post-degree experience, or a PhD in Computer Science/Engineering or closely related discipline.

The applicant will be based in the RADICAL Laboratory (http://radical.rutgers.edu) at Rutgers University, and will have access to facilities and resources of the Computational Science Initiative at Brookhaven National Laboratory as well as the IACS at Stony Brook University.

For further information, please contact either Shantenu Jha (shantenu.jha@rutgers.edu) or Heather Lynch (heather.lynch@stonybrook.edu).

Roles and Responsibilities:

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